Teacher Training, University 2nd Year (Level 5)


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Teacher Training Courses

Teacher training courses qualification has been created for students who wish to become fully qualified as further education teachers, with the possibility of gaining the professional status of Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS).

This Level 5 Diploma offers an opportunity for career development as Colleges and other places of further education and many other sector employers generally require this level of qualification or at least a commitment to gain this upon employment.

This teaching qualification covers most curriculum areas within further education. The qualification comprises a combination of mandatory and optional units and has to comply with the Guidance for Qualifications in Education and Training in November 2016.

The Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training is suitable for individuals who are already practising within the education sector or those who are not currently practising but have a significant amount of experience and now wish to consolidate that with a formal qualification. The course is a 120-credit qualification and is accredited by the Ofqual recognised organisation, Qualifi.

Throughout this course, students will gain the experience and knowledge required to meet the necessary criteria through a combination of theoretical study and practical activity. The theory content will be delivered through our 9 online modules. The practical activity is to be carried out during a placement in a real-world teaching position. This can be either a position the student already occupies at the start of the course or a position that they find over the course of their study and can be located at a school, college, or community group – the only restriction is that there must be a mentor at the placement who is able to support and verify the students work.

Teacher training programs will be assessed via a combination of 9 online multiple-choice assessments and 7 written assignments. These written assignments will be comprised of multiple tasks, each made up of Part A and a Part B. Part A will be based on the online academic content, whilst Part B will be based on the student’s own personal experience on their teaching placement. Parts A and B can also be completed separately, meaning that students will not need a teaching placement to begin working on their written assignments. However, they will need a placement to complete them.

This course prepares students to teach in a wide range of contexts. Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to plan and implement schemes of work, develop teaching and learning strategies, and teach effectively in public and private schools, colleges, and universities in many countries all over the world.

Williams International College, Bangalore has partnered with T15 International to help students find their perfect job within the teaching sector once students have gained their QTLS after completion of the Teacher Training courses.

The teacher training courses contain nine online modules. These are designed by Williams International College, Bangalore’s expert academic team to provide students with a solid theoretical basis for developing their teaching skills, and therefore cover the following topics:

  • Developing teaching, learning and assessment in education and training
  • Evaluating learning programs
  • Teaching, learning, and assessment in education and training
  • Theories, principles and developments in education and training
  • Understanding and managing behavior in a learning environment
  • Wider professional practice and development in education and training
  • Inclusive practice
  • Manage learning and development in groups
  • Developing, using, and organizing resources in a specialist area

This course also contains seven written assignments, which have been created to address all the subjects, both practical and theoretical, that Students will need to be familiar with in order to teach effectively:

  • Theories, principles, and developments in education and training
  • Teaching, learning and assessment in education and training
  • Developing teaching, learning, and assessment in education and training
  • Professional Practice in Education and Training
  • Action Research
  • Developing, using, and organizing resources in a specialist area
  • Inclusive practice

Notes: 1: Achievement of the unit theories, principles and models in education is a pre-requisite for the unit Developing Teaching, Learning and Assessment in Education and Training.

2: There is a requirement for a minimum of 100 hours teaching/training practice for this qualification. There is also a requirement for a minimum of eight teaching/training practice observations, which must reach the required standard of practice.

Further details are identified in 7.1 Teaching Practice and Assessed Observations Requirement.

Blended Learning (for students who are in the UK)

Online learning (International students who are abroad)

Fulltime:  If you are studying full-time online or blended learning you can complete each level in 9 months duration.

Part-time: if you are studying part-time online or blended learning you can complete each level in 2 years from the date of enrolment.

Fast track full time: if you are studying full time online or blended learning you can complete each level in 6 months

Online: if you are studying online and studying at your own pace you can complete in 3/4 years’ time.

There are no written Exams, Multiple choice questions, and written assignments it must be submitted after completing each module.  Students must also need to complete 100 hours of teaching practice as a part of this course.

Overall Grading Type: Pass/Merit/Distinction

After successfully passing all core units assessment, you will receive level 5 Diploma from Qualifi

  • Qualifi Level 6 qualification;
  • University to complete an undergraduate degree;
  • Into employment in an associated profession

This level 5 qualification will enable students to teach in the post 16 tertiary education sector of colleges and community schools. The route to teaching in the state school sector using this level 5 qualification is through membership of the Society of Education & Training (SET).

To be eligible for SET membership students are required to have completed their Initial Teacher Training (ITT). ITT involves successful completion of a Level 5 Teacher Training Course, assuming candidates have already completed a Level 2 (GCSE) Maths and English or equivalent. Completion of the courses provides students with their Qualified Teacher Learning Skills (QTLS) which is equivalent to the Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and sufficient to teach in state schools, as well as Further Education.

For more information on the QTLS and how to achieve it on completion of this level 5 Education and Training qualification, please click here. Students may wish to contact SET direct for further clarification of their requirements.




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