Why us

Study at your own leap anytime and anywhere

Through our online model you can study Morning, Evening and on weekdays / weekends or adjust your studies to suit you to continue your normal job responsibilities or change daily or weekly depending on your availability and lifestyle. Unlike the traditional college or university where you are restricted to pursue the studies. You can enroll at Williams Global Learning, Bangalore, at any time during the year that gives you the power to start your full course where you wish, no matter where you are in the world. You can also take many breaks between the lessons and come back when you feel like you are continuing with your studies.

Learning material prepared by qualified lecturers

We have some of the best teachings ever presented and recorded by qualified Teachers. All learning materials are designed and written by professional academic authors, the Course Module is thus designed in our Learning Management System (LMS), which allows you to easily understand and pass the module with good marks. In addition we have a team of professors available online to help you with your doubts in any module and will evaluate your progress, mark your exams, and provide feedback to improve your understanding and skills.

Fully Accredited Courses

Our degrees are fully accredited by organizations that award all study materials designed and written by professional academic authors so that each collaborative module conforms to the specific learning criteria defined by OFQUAL. Williams Global Learning, Bangalore, works with reputable OFQUAL organizations to validate our programs. These standards ensure that our students receive the highest quality education and certification recognized worldwide by Universities and employers.

Dedicated direct student support

Once you register with Williams Global Learning, you will be allocated a dedicated student support to help you quickly and smoothly no matter how big or small throughout you studies. They will be your first point of contact will assist you for all your needs during your studies at Williams Global Learning. As a student you have access to a 24/7 comprehensive support, 24/7 chat support to high-speed email support, we ensure that your queries are solved as quickly as possible. You will be provided a direct email Id and Skype address in which you will be able to contact them directly.

Language Support

If you do not have the English requirements required for your chosen course, do not worry, at Williams Global Learning, Bangalore, we offer a reduced tuition fee for English Language courses to support your studies. This nominal fee applies to students who enroll with us. These online English sections are available to applicants who need minimal support to improve their English language skills. We aim to bring your English proficiency level to the required level in the shortest possible time space.

Assignment based assessments - No exams

You are tested on the delivery of assignments rather than testing traditional written tests. This means you can prepare and submit assignments at your own convenience whether you are at work or at home or in the park.

Employment guidance

Once you have enrolled in a course, our Student Support Team will issue a continuing recruitment guide that will help you do better in your future career or that can help you secure a position in your dream career.

Payment Instalment plans

We offer interest free fee payment options considering the interest of the students. Students have the option of paying their tuition fees in full or in monthly or even quarterly installments depending on your flexibility but the cost will remain the same.