Business & Management (1st year of University – Extended Diploma Level 4)


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Diploma in Business Management Online (Level 4)

The ATHE Level 4 Extended Diploma in Business Management online 2018 is a 120 Credit qualification and has been designed for students who wish to develop the skills and knowledge required for roles in junior management. They have also been developed with progression in mind and enable Students to continue on to a range of Bachelor’s degrees.

The Level 4 Extended Diploma in Management has 8 modules and 8 written assignments at each level. On completion of the modules, students will be given access to the assignments. The assignments are approximately 5,000-8,000 words each. Students are provided support on the modules and assignments via the ‘Tutor’ section of the learning platform.

Core Units

  1. Marketing mix
  2. The business environment
  3. Communication skills for business
  4. Corporate social responsibility
  5. Customer relationship management
  6. Financial techniques for managers
  7. People in organisation
  8. Resources management

Blended Learning (for students who are in the UK)

Online learning (International students who are abroad)

Fulltime:  If you are studying full-time online or blended learning you can complete each level in 6 months duration.

Part-time: if you are studying part-time online or blended learning you can complete each level in 2 years from the date of enrolment.

Fast track full time: if you are studying full time online or blended learning you can complete this level in 3 months

Online: if you are studying online and studying at your own pace you can complete it in 3 years’ time.

  • There are no written Exams, only written assignments it must be submitted after completing each module.
  • Overall Grading Type: Pass/Merit/Distinction
  • 120 credit overall
  • Overall Grading Type: Pass/Merit/Distinction

After successfully passing all core units assessment, you will receive a certificate or Diploma from the awarding body ATHE (Awards for Training and Higher Education.)

On successful completion of a Level 4 qualification in Business and Management, there are a number of progression opportunities. Students may progress to:

  • Employment or have increased opportunities for progression in their current role.
  • Level 5 ATHE qualification such as the ATHE Level 5 Extended Diploma in Business and Management or the ATHE Level 5 Extended Diploma in Management for Health and Social Care or the ATHE Level 5 Extended Diploma in Business Administration
  • Level 5 (Gen Ed) route on successful completion of the required units at level 4 (see page 13). Completion of the Mandatory units listed will ensure Students have acquired the first level of study for meeting the General Education (Gen Ed) Core requirements.
  • Enter into the second year of a degree program in any university.


The Business Environment

This unit will develop Students’ understanding of the national and global business environment and the internal and external circumstances in which different organizations operate.

People in Organisations

This unit aims to develop knowledge and understanding of those aspects of organizations that concern and support people. This includes communication practices, teamwork, remote working, and other organizational structures. Using this knowledge and understanding, students will be able to review the impact of workplace practices on people.

Financial and Management Accounting Techniques for Managers

To develop knowledge and understanding of fundamental financial and management accounting techniques used by managers in organizations and to enable students to apply these techniques.

Communication Skills for Business

This unit aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the communication practices within organisations and Students are introduced to the different modes and channels of communication used in organisations. In addition, Students will be able to develop their communication skills. Students will also apply their own communication skills to typical organisational requirements

Resource Management

The aim of this unit is to provide an overview of the human and physical resources needed in a range of organisations, including those in the primary, service and manufacturing sectors. The unit develops an understanding of the impact of efficiency on organisations. Students will use this knowledge and understanding to review the effective use of resources within an organisation.

The Marketing Mix

To develop a comprehensive understanding of the marketing mix and the roles of the seven aspects of the marketing mix to businesses.

Corporate Social Responsibility

To develop an understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues and impacts of CSR policy. Students will be able to use their knowledge and understanding to make recommendations for responsible business practice.

Customer Relationship Management

Students will be able to develop knowledge and understanding of the scope and importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and to explore how effective CRM is achieved.



Topics for this course

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